"I, Paul Kostrzebsk, would like to thank Korvan's Korner for servicing my home computer and laptop for the last several years.  Their professionalism and knowledge have helped me in keeping my computers up to 100% working capability.  Our computers are used on a daily basis by many people in my household and anytime I've had a problem with them, Korvan's Korner has gone above and beyond in keeping them servicable.  They honor their work and backup their service.  I've never had any problems with them and in the future, will still use them."
Paul Kostrzebsk    9/16/2010  
* * * * * * *
...."Mr David Bailey of Korvan's Korner, Williamson, New York has provided various computer services to me for over five years.  This period being even before he began doing business as Korvan's Korner.

    The services which Dave has provided include the sales and installation of three complete PC systems and a laptop computer in my home.  He has also provided me with numerous troubleshooting, virus scanning, and software installations at his office.

    During these five years, Dave and his associates have always provided me with reliable, prompt, and satisfactory service at a reasonable cost.  There were even times when he worked for minimal or no charge, and I had to insist that he charge me.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Dave to anyone who has need of his computer expertise, knowing him to be honest and reliable in all his dealings."...
Alex S. Reid     9/20/2010  
* * * * * * *
...."I have known Dave Bailey, Owner of Korvan's Korner Computer Co. for approximately six (6) years.  I first called Dave when I lived in Webster.  He was professional, courtious, and blatantly capable in all aspects of my computer repair.  I moved to the city (Rochester) & then to Greece within this six year span, and never once did it cross my mind to seek other services.  Although Dave charges for mileage, and is located in Williamson, I have never doubted that my money was fairly and well spent.  I've utilized his services approximately 15 times in six years and have always been completely satisfied.  If there has been a problem after the initial repair he answered the phone immediately and rectified any issue.

    Again, Dave and his staff are among a handful of true professionals in all capacities.  He is fair, knowledgable, & honorable.  I would and have recommended his services many times"...
  Phillip Lanzatella    9/18/2010  
* * * * * * *
..."I have done business with David Bailey, of Korvan's Korner Inc., for 5-7 years.  In that time, he has sold me several personal computers and a laptop, as well as various periferal equipment & software.  In addition, Korvan's Korner has provided maintenance and diagnostic troubleshooting services and has saved me from attacks by Trojans, Viruses, and Worms.

    Through all my interactions with Korvan's Korner, I have received only the highest level of professional attention to my computing needs.  David has always responded quickly and has kept his word when providing quotes and estimates.  I am confident that he has been honest and aboveboard with me in all aspects of business.  He has also worked hard to keep my costs as low as possible, and I really appreciate that, especially in these financially difficult times.

David and the staff of Korvan's Korner has earned my highest praise and I would recommend this business to anyone in need of computers or computer-related services.  In fact, I already have, to several of my colleages and friends."...
  Niki Roosa    9/21/2010